Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Applied Science University (ASU)

Applied Science University was granted its license by the Ministry of Education according to the decree issued by the Minister's Council (No. WD 140/2004) dated 5th July 2004, making it one of the first private universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

ASU aspires to become one of the leading universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in the wider Gulf region. The University aims to support the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Bahrain by providing degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our programmes are grounded in a pedagogical framework designed to develop students' understanding of key theories and concepts through knowledge acquisition and development of practical skills, with a focus on providing programmes in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). We aim to foster life-long learning and to prepare our graduates for a range of career paths within their chosen field or discipline. 

In addition, ASU employs experienced and well qualified academic staff who support student learning and the overall student experience through provision of research-informed teaching, supported by a comprehensive range of learning and assessment methods. This approach ensures that ASU graduates are well-equipped and capable of facing the challenges of their professional careers. 

ASU aims to continue building upon its previous successes and its recognition, both nationally and regionally, as an institution that provides high-quality educational services that serve the community. ASU also aims to serve the community by emphasizing the entrepreneurial skills of its students. Moreover, it seeks to be a highly reputed and renowned university on the global stage. 

On the other hand, ASU has a critical role to play in the achievement of the SDGs and consequently aligned its strategy, internal policies and governance to embrace and implement the SDGs with the collaboration of the Bahraini government and NGOs. ASU has started this journey by aligning existing activities to SDGs, identifying pain areas & weaknesses, developing/updating policies and strategies to Page 2 empower SDGs, and maintain a close follow up on this overall process for the sake of continuous improvement. ASU has become a distinguished international University in education quality, scientific research and academic excellence, ASU has attained several key achievements on the international and Arab levels.

ASU has an international outlook, as can be seen through our partnerships with leading universities and academics in the UK and the Arab world. We also have a strong commitment to our local community and region - contributing through our educational provision, our research and our business partnerships. We intend to become a leading university in the Gulf and beyond. 

Since its inception, Applied Science University has witnessed significant growth, making it one of the leading universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Today, we stand on the threshold of a challenging future and we hope to continue on our path of excellence in preparing qualified students who are able to serve their countries and communities.